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    Rally Groups

     Located below are: 

    Rally groups ~ this is groups at the rally.

    2018/2019 Members ~ this is the current list of Club members by age.

    Theory Groups ~ list of riders grouped to their PCAV Certificates.


    2018/2019 MEMBERS as of 01/01/2019




    17 years & Over 13 - 16 Years 12 Years & under
    Sam B   Chanel R  Emma W
    Bree M Tijana Z  Kane R
    Emma B Amber Ba  Maddi K
    Natalie B  Georgia J  La'Moza V
    Chris P Auguste P Ava H
    Rebecca J Lane B Phaestian V
      Noah G Oscar T
        August T


    Black Cavier

    Grade 5

    Phar Lap

    Grade 4/5

    Sub Zero

    Grade 3/4 

    Makybe Diva

    Grade 2/3

    Max jumping height 65 cms Max jumping height 65/80 cms Max jumping height 80/95 cms Maxjumping height 95 cms



    Absent ~

    Come & Try  or New joining member~

    Unmounted ~  






    Certificate Groups

    For riders working on the PCAV D, D* and C certificates, you need the correct workbook and these need to come to EVERY rally. Riders are unable to complete a certificate unless you attend theory and bring your book to have the home work signed off at the end of that class.
    For more information on rider certificates, please refer to the "WPC RIDER CERTIFICATE" page located under the Club Info link above.
     Rider D/D*/C certificate groups
    Certificate rules from the PCAV Handbook of Bylaws
    34.11State and National Competitions
    34.11.a Riders must have attained their C Certificate by their 14th birthday (unless they have been a PCAV member for less than two years) in order to compete at any state or national competition.

    Theory 1

    Riders working on C*& above 

    Theory 2

    Riders with D/D*/C

    Theory 3

    Working on C

    Theory 4

    Have D/D*

    Theory 5

    To do D/D* 

      Sam B Georgia J Ava H La'Moza V ` D*
      Emma B Amber B   Emma W 
      Chris P Natalie B   Phaestian V
      Tijana Zs Auguste P   Lane B
      Rebecca J     Kane R
      Bree M     Maddi K
      Chanel R     Oscar T
            August T




    Georgia, Gabby, Sam T and Hannah at the April 2012 rally

    2010 Pony Club Camp

    Amy L receiving her STATE LEVEL badge for the 2011 Grade 1&2 State Horse Trials

    Shannon H receiving her STATE LEVEL badge for the 2011 Interzone State Horse Trials

    Awards 2006

    Senior Riders playing Polo Aug 09 rally


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